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Adobe Comp CC – Layout at your finger tips

Adobe Comp is a layout app for iPad, that allows you to quickly put together design ideas, concepts, prototypes, or designs. By using gestures or available commands, you can add different shapes, images and text to the design. The application has a close integration with other Adobe tools and technologies. Such as:

  • Access to great looking fonts, through Typekit font support.
  • Searching for images in Adobe Stock and importing these into the designs.
  • Working with colours or colour themes shared through Creative Cloud libraries.
  • Integration with Photoshop Mix or Fix apps, which allows you to take a placed image from Comp CC straight into these editing apps, make changes and return back to Comp CC.

Watch the following video to learn more about working with Adobe Comp CC.

The video tutorial covers the following:

  • How to set-up Grids & Guides in Adobe Comp CC
  • How to add image placeholder frames
  • How to populate image placeholder frames with images, and crop and resize images.
  • How to add images from Adobe Stock
  • Using gestures to add shapes, text, and images.
  • Moving, reposition and resizing objects.
  • Formatting and editing text, including Typekit font usage.
  • Changing the stacking order of objects.
  • Changing the color of objects, including selecting colors from a Creaive Cloud library.
  • Sending the layout to Adobe InDesign on the desktop.

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