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Building EBooks with InDesign – Forced Line Br...

Adobe InDesign Tutorial

Updated 3-Jan-2012 / Postscript added One of the pitfalls of converting print publications to EBooks, is that designers often use forced line breaks (Shift+Return/Enter) in print-layouts to control where headings and even paragraph lines are broken. Doing so can cause problems when the same document is also converted to EPUB later on. Problems can occur […]

Figures in InDesign CS5.5 and Accessibility

Adobe InDesign Tutorial

After reading David’s blog-post on InDesign Secrets, titled “Building an Org Chart or Flowchart in InDesign“.  I thought… “How does building illustrations in InDesign impact the development of Accessible PDF with InDesign CS5.5?” InDesign CS5.5 introduced significant new features for EPUB/HTML and PDF export. Building Accessible PDFs is now much, MUCH easier… It’s not yet […]

InDesign CS5.5 7.5.2 Update fixes EPUB issues

Adobe InDesign News

Amongst a list of issues that’s been resolved with today’s Adobe InDesign CS5.5 7.5.2 update release are a couple of EPUB issues. Notably: An issue in the DOCTYPE of the EPUB, where InDesign would insert an extra space, which in turn caused iBooks to return an error and stop rendering the EPUB. The iBooks rendering […]