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CC Charts (Preview)

CC Charts (Preview) is a technology preview of a new service Adobe is developing. It’s a great tool to use when working on infographics and charts. At this stage the CC Charts tool appears in Adobe Illustrator. Charts created with this tool are added to the Libraries panel and can thus be placed in other applications such as Adobe InDesign, where the charts appear in the CC Libraries panel.

As this is a technology preview of a service in development there are presently only two chart types available:

  • Value chart – which allows you to use a graphic that represents a particular value. This chart type is fantastic as a resource for creating scaled graphic icons used in infographics to visually represent data.
  • Column chart – a standard column based chart, for which you can use excel data (.csv, .xls, and .xlsx formats are supported).

For both chart types the data is edited online using your default web-browser. The Charts you create with CC Charts are automatically added to the active Library in your the Libraries panel in Illustrator, and will appear for use in other applications, such as Adobe InDesign (CC Libraries). Default placement of a Chart from a Library into InDesign will retain a link to the original chart. Whenever this chart is updated, the Links panel in InDesign will warn you by adding a modified link warning to the linked chart, so that you can update the link and see the latest changes in your document.

After giving a CC Charts (Preview) presentation at the Adobe User Group in Perth, I’ve recorded a short intro video to working with CC Charts.

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