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Accessible PDFs from Adobe InDesign training

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Accessible PDF training with Adobe InDesign CC and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

I have developed a completely tailored training course, designed specifically for Australian Government Agencies. This course is delivered onsite at your agency, and can be fully customised to include a review of your agencies online PDFs and InDesign files, so that we can get the best results for your organisation through the training delivery.

Course objective

The objective of this course/workshop is to provide attendees with an understanding of WCAG2.0 Accessibility Requirements and the ability to prepare and set-up InDesign page layouts for conversion to Accessible PDF.

Course outcomes

On completion of the training, trainees will be able to prepare and set-up InDesign layouts for Accessible PDF delivery. They will have an understanding of repurposing print layouts for accessibility and learn how to use Adobe Acrobat to test accessibility and fix outstanding accessibility issues at PDF level.


Working knowledge of Adobe InDesign and Acrobat Pro is recommended for this course. For those new to Adobe InDesign, it is recommended they complete an introduction to InDesign course prior to attending the Accessible PDFs from InDesign course.

Course outline

Content creators (Authors and editors)

  • Document Structure/li>
  • Heading Levels
  • Paragraphs
  • Lists
  • Tabular data
  • Table summary
  • Other text considerations
  • Photos, charts and illustrations/li>
  • File names
  • Metadata

Designing with InDesign

  • Pre-design clean-up
  • Colour checks
  • Use paragraph styles
  • Use character styles
  • Headings
  • Body Copy
  • Lists
  • Numbered headings
  • Tables and tabular data
  • Hyperlinks
  • Footnotes
  • Cross-references
  • Table of Contents


Graphics and illustrations

  • Diagrams and illustrations
  • Decorative background images

Preparing InDesign files for accessibility

  • Fixing combined images
  • Anchored and inline Images
  • Inline images
  • Anchored images
  • Alternate text
  • Manually adding alternate text
  • Alternate text sourced from XMP metadata
  • Decorative images
  • Actual Text
  • Artefacts
  • Mapping Styles to Export Tags
  • Articles and reading order
  • Metadata
  • Creating the accessible PDF

Acrobat XI Pro

Common checks and fixes

  • Checking PDF accessibility
  • Accessibility tools
  • Common changes
  • Document properties
  • Check Metadata
  • Fixing keywords
  • Initial View options
  • Set document language
  • Other changes and fixes

Other fixes

  • Fixing TouchUp Reading Order
  • Fixing tables
  • Fixing table headers
  • Adding table summary
  • Fixing missing alternate text
  • Adding expansion text to abbreviations or acronyms
  • Alternate Text for web and other links
  • Multi-language document
  • Using the Accessibility Checker to fix errors?

About your instructor

My name is Cari Jansen and I’m an Adobe Certified Instructor with over 25 years of publishing and production work experience, and 18 years of training delivery. I specialise in tailored onsite training delivery. That means that I deliver the training at your offices, and we can fully customise the training to your specific needs.

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Contact details

Instructor: Cari Jansen | Adobe Certified Instructor
Email: inquiry ‘at’
Mobile: +61 417 972 883

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