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Adobe Acrobat Pro Training – Topics list

Course content can be fully customised to meet your needs. The list below provides an idea of the topics that can be covered as part of the training delivery.

First look at Acrobat Pro

  • Understanding the menus, tools and document navigation controls.

Creating PDFs

  • From Microsoft Office documents such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
  • Converting paper based documents, using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to turn scanned document into searchable document PDF.
  • (Windows) Using Adobe PDF printer.
  • Adding Document Information to a PDF.

Combining different file formats

  • Combining multiple files into a Single PDF.
  • Creating and formatting a PDF Portfolio.

PDF Editing

  • Replacing pages.
  • Inserting or deleting pages.
  • Rotating pages.
  • Changing page order.
  • Editing text and images.
  • Adding text to a PDF.
  • Adding or replacing images.

Adding Bookmarks and Links for Navigations

  • Automatically adding Bookmarks during Word to PDF conversion.
  • Using the document structure to add bookmarks.
  • Adding missing bookmarks.
  • Editing bookmarks and bookmark destinations.
  • Adding web-links.
  • Adding links to other pages.

Creating Headers and Footers

  • Adding custom headers and footers to PDFs.
  • Editing headers and footers.

Creating Watermarks and Backgrounds

  • Understanding difference between watermark and background.
  • Adding a text based watermark or background.
  • Adding an image based watermark or background.
  • Adding a watermark or background that only appears when document is printed.
  • Editing a watermark or background.

Extracting text and images from PDFs

  • Extracting images.
  • Extracting text.
  • Extracting tables.
  • Converting a PDF back to Microsoft Word document.
  • Extracting text from scanned PDF documents (see also Creating PDFs above).

Building Forms

  • Understanding the various forms elements (radio buttons, text fields, submit buttons etc.).
  • Tips on creating form designs in Microsoft Word that work with Acrobat forms wizard.
  • Using the Acrobat forms wizard to automatically add form elements.
  • Manually adding forms elements to create a simple form.
  • Editing and Previewing PDF forms.
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Adding Submit/Print buttons.

Working with Interactive Objects

  • Adding navigation buttons (previous page, next page) to a PDF.
  • Adding show/hide buttons to a PDF (for example a map containing popups that have extra information).
  • Embedding small videos into a PDF
  • Adding audio to a PDF, and playing it with a button control.

Shared PDF document reviews

  • Submit a PDF for server based shared review.
  • Participate in a share review and upload comments to server.
  • Download new comments from others to PDF that is part of shared review.
  • Tracking Shared reviews.
  • Creating a Comment Summary PDF.
  • Printing Comment Summaries.
  • Inserting PDF Comments back into Microsoft Word document.

Adding Security to PDFs

  • Checking Security settings of a PDF.
  • Understanding Password security.
  • Understanding Certificate security.

Reviewing Accessibility

  • What is Accessibility?
  • Preparing your Word documents to ensure maximum accessibility after PDF conversion.
  • Running Accessibility Check and reviewing the report.
  • Performing common fixes.

About your instructor

My name is Cari Jansen and I’m an Adobe Certified Instructor with over 25 years of publishing and production work experience, and 18 years of training delivery.  I specialise in tailored onsite training delivery. That means that I deliver the training at your offices, and we can fully customise the training to your specific needs.

Contact details

Instructor: Cari Jansen | Adobe Certified Instructor
Email: inquiry ‘at’
Mobile: +61 417 972 883

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