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Adobe Illustrator┬áTraining – Topics list

Course content can be fully customised to meet your needs, and focus on those type of publication you will be creating with Adobe Illustrator, such as diagrams, logos, technical drawings, cartoons, posters, or other. The list below provides an idea of the topics that can be covered as part of the training delivery.

Introducing Illustrator

  • Understanding the workspace, panels and tools
  • Navigating around a document
  • Understanding Artboards
  • Understanding Pixel vs Vector

Creating an Artboard

  • Creating a new document
  • Selecting document profiles
  • Understanding RGB/CMYK
  • Understanding Resolution

Editing and drawing

  • Creating simple lines and shapes
  • Using the PathFinder to create shapes
  • Using the Shape Builder Tool to create shapes
  • Drawing with the pencil tool
  • Drawing with the pen tool
  • Editing paths with pen and selection tools
  • Using the Brush tool and brushes

Working with Colour

  • Understanding Colour basics
  • Working with strokes and fills
  • Drawing dashed lines and arrows
  • Using Gradient colours
  • Creating a Pattern
  • (advanced) working with Gradient Meshes
  • Working with Live Paint
  • Understanding Drawing modes

Working with Layers

  • Adding and Editing layers
  • Showing/Hiding Layers
  • Locking/Unlocking Layers
  • Moving content into layers
  • Targeting layers

Working with Text

  • Adding and editing point text
  • Adding and editing area text
  • Adding text to a path
  • Using paragraph styles to format text

Working with Graphic Styles

  • Applying Multiple Strokes/Fills to a path
  • Applying different Effects to paths
  • Editing path appearances with the Appearance panel
  • Create Graphic Styles
  • Applying Graphic Styles

Working with Symbols

  • Understanding Symbols
  • Adding Symbols to a document
  • Using the Symbol Sprayer
  • Editing Symbols
  • Replacing Symbols
  • 9-slide scaling set-up for Symbols

Working with Photos

  • Converting a photo into vector art
  • Using the Live Trace panel

Working with graphs

  • Creating simple charts
  • Editing data and chart colours
  • Adding chart designs

Saving and exporting Illustrator files

  • For use in layout applications such as InDesign
  • For the internet
  • For use in Powerpoint or Word
  • As a PDF

About your instructor

My name is Cari Jansen and I’m an Adobe Certified Instructor with over 25 years of publishing and production work experience, and 18 years of training delivery. I specialise in tailored onsite training delivery. That means that I deliver the training at your offices, and we can fully customise the training to your specific needs.

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Contact details

Instructor: Cari Jansen | Adobe Certified Instructor
Email: inquiry ‘at’
Mobile: +61 417 972 883

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