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Adobe Photoshop training

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Adobe Photoshop Training – Topics list

Course content can be fully customised to meet your needs. The list below provides an idea of the topics that can be covered as part of the training delivery.

First look at Adobe Photoshop

  • Introduction to the Photoshop user interface
  • Understanding tools panel, and panels
  • Selecting Workspaces
  • Creating a new Workspace

Understanding Colour, Size and Resolution

  • Understand resolution and colour requirements for different output media (press, in-house printer, web-page)
  • Reviewing Image Size, Image Resolution in a given image
  • Cropping, rotating and resizing images
  • Creating a new Photoshop document

Non-destructive image editing

  • Introduction to non-destructive editing
  • Duplicating layers
  • Retouching on new layers

Image retouching

  • Introduction to working with Paint brush tool
  • Using Blur and Sharpen tools
  • Applying Saturation/Desaturation
  • Red Eye correction
  • Working with the Clone Stamp Tool to replicate image areas.
  • Working with the healing brush and spot healing brush to touch-up images.
  • Understanding Content aware retouching

Understanding tonal image adjustments

  • Working with Adjustment Layers
  • Understanding Image Contrast and Brightness
  • Using Levels to make simple brightness and contrast changes.
  • Using Levels to remove a colour cast
  • Using Curves to adjust highlights, midtones and shadow areas
  • Using Curves to adjust a colour cast

Working with selections

  • Using the Marquee tools to create selections
  • Using the lasso tools to create freeform
  • Using the magic wand and quick selection tools to select tonal ranges
  • Using selections to remove backgrounds
  • Refining selections
  • Feathering selections

Understanding Layers

  • Introduction to Layers and transparency.
  • Adding and editing layers.
  • Adding and editing layer masks.
  • Using selections with layer masks
  • Using selections with adjustment layers
  • Working with Linked and Embedded images.
  • Converting layers to Smart Objects.
  • Adding and editing Shape layers

Effects and Filters

  • Working with Smart Filters
  • Applying and editing filters (sharpen, blur, noise etc.)
  • Adding a vignette to an image
  • Adding and editing layer effects such as drop shadows
  • Working with opacity and blending modes

Creating compositions

  • Creating and editing Artboards
  • Working with multiple Artboards
  • Setting up a Guide Layout
  • Creating a gradient background
  • Using Libraries
  • Working with Linked and Embedded content
  • Combining images and text

Working with text in images

  • Adding area or point type to an image
  • Formatting and editing text
  • Using Type as a mask for an image

Saving and Exporting Images

  • Preparing images for web
  • Preparing images for commercial print output
  • Understanding different file formats for web and print

About your instructor

My name is Cari Jansen and I’m an Adobe Certified Instructor with over 25 years of publishing and production work experience, and 18 years of training delivery. I specialise in tailored onsite training delivery. That means that I deliver the training at your offices, and we can fully customise the training to your specific needs.

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Contact details

Instructor: Cari Jansen | Adobe Certified Instructor
Email: inquiry ‘at’
Mobile: +61 417 972 883

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