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Interactive Design with Adobe InDesign Training – Topics list

Whether you are using InDesign to publish online (web), through the Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS 2015), or to create interactive PDFs.  The course content can be fully customised to meet your needs and interactive publishing requirements. The list below provides an idea of the topics that can be covered as part of the training delivery.

Document setup for web and digital publications

  • Document Intent and page sizes
  • Selecting the right document
  • Document colours

Adding navigation buttons

  • What type of objects can be a button?
  • Understanding button events and actions
  • Working with master pages
  • Adding navigation buttons

Adding a video

  • Embedding video into a PDF
  • Setting default poster image
  • Adding play, pause, resume buttons to control video

Adding Audio

  • Embedding audio in a PDF
  • Controlling when audio plays
  • Adding button controls for audio

Creating Animations

  • Applying animation presets
  • Setting animation properties
  • Editing motion paths
  • Adding custom motion paths
  • Timing animations
  • Adding button controls for animations

Creating a pop-up window

  • Adding pop-up design elements
  • Setting show/hide button actions

Creating a slideshow

  • Using Object States to create a Slideshow
  • Adding button controls for the slideshow

Other interactivity

  • Hyperlinks
  • Cross-references
  • Footnotes
  • Index
  • Table of Contents
  • Bookmarks

Adding transitions
(PDF only)

  • Adding transitions to pages
  • Understanding export settings for transition support

Adding Metadata

  • What is metadata?
  • Entering metadata

Saving an interactive PDF

  • Which interactive features are supported in PDF?
  • Setting document properties
  • Export to Interactive PDF
  • Previewing the PDF in Acrobat Reader
  • Final edits in Adobe Acrobat DC

Exporting to EPUB (Fixed Layout)
InDesign CC (2014 or higher)

  • Which interactive features are supported in EPUB?
  • Understanding font support and font embedding
  • Creating a cover
  • Defining a table of contents
  • Setting Metadata
  • Export to EPUB (Fixed Layout)
  • Previewing the EPUB.

Publish Online
InDesign CC (2015.1 or higher)

  • Which interactive features are supported when publishing online?
  • Updating an online publication
  • Managing online publications (Web Dashboard)

Export for DPS 2015
InDesign CC (2015 or higher)

  • Which interactive features are supported for DPS 2015?
  • Exporting as a DPS Article

About your instructor

My name is Cari Jansen and I’m an Adobe Certified Instructor with over 25 years of publishing and production work experience, and 18 years of training delivery. I specialise in tailored onsite training delivery. That means that I deliver the training at your offices, and we can fully customise the training to your specific needs.

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Contact details

Instructor: Cari Jansen | Adobe Certified Instructor
Email: inquiry ‘at’
Mobile: +61 417 972 883

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