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InDesign Character Styles & EPUB

Adobe InDesign Tutorial

I’ve been head deep into EPUB… and wanted to share another finding with InDesign CS5.5. A short post only, because I’m in the middle of work 🙂 InDesign CS5.5 now recognises character styles that are applied through nested styles and GREP styles during EPUB export.  That’s very cool!  It adds a span tag with class […]

InDesign CS5.5 Lists & EPUB.

Adobe InDesign Tutorial

Updated 10-May-2011 (added alternate option, thanks to Bob’s comment) Publishers quite often generate multiple paragraph styles for bulleted and numbered lists behaviour. For instance the first or last bullet point in a list might have slightly different space before and after settings applied to it.

Style Group Names to CSS prefix

Adobe InDesign Tutorial

When working on EPUB output from InDesign, the stylesheet names in the generated CSS can become quite long, at the same time the number of styles for more complex documents can increase quickly. So I’ve started placing paragraph styles in particular in Style Groups that are named with short names. When InDesign generates the CSS […]