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CMYK, RGB, HSB, LAB, Pantone…

Thank you very much to those of you who attended this afternoon’s “colour alphabet soup”  Adobe Seminar 🙂 Please find below the links to the web-references I provided on the start slides as well as some additional book references and a link to the Adobe Swatch Exchange file that contains lots of “clean” CMYK colours.  […]

Colour Management

As someone who has Real World Color Management by Chris Murphy, Fred Bunting and the late Bruce Fraser on the shelf. A publication I highly recommend for anyone interested in learning about “all things colour”. It’s great to see that Chris Murphy has written Colour Management Essential Training. According to’s write-up:



Adobe Labs has done it again with Kuler. A Flash based colour theme selector allowing for colour scheme creation based on choice of colour and rule. Rules consist of analogus, monochromatic, triad, complenatary, compound, shades or custom colour scheme creation.  Incidently “Kuler” is an anagram for “Kleur”, which in Dutch means “Colour”.