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Illustrator: Creating a swatch set from an image

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

During our InDesign Trivia night at the Perth InDesign User Group in December, we had some fun with colours in InDesign. Updated: 5-Jan-2010: Added Video Tutorial at end of transcript Here’s one of the scenario’s we used: So you’re working on a layout in InDesign, and although you know you can use the Eyedropper tool […]

Stray points removal in Illustrator and InDesign

Stray points removal in Illustrator and InDesign

Adobe Illustrator has had a Stray Anchor Points remover for some time. In Illustrator CS3, you can remove stray points by selecting Object > Path > Clean up… The Clean Up command allows for deletion of Stray Points, Empty Text Paths and Unpainted Objects. InDesign on the other hand doesn’t contain such a command.

Illustrator 88: Nostalgia

Adobe General News

John Nack back in February posted this digitized VHS video from the Adobe archives to YouTube. Maybe I’m getting old or I’m in the mood for some nostalgia 🙂 … but I’d love to see more of these old VHS movies converted and shared.  This one is a promotional video delivered by John Warnock introducing […]