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Adobe InDesign and XML: A Reference Guide

Adobe InDesign Tutorial

The following is a reference guide I have compiled over time for those of you who are looking at doing a little more with XML in InDesign (originally published Feb. 2011, last updated Feb 2018). If you have any extra information you’d like to see added to this guide, feel free to message me. Mapping XML tags to InDesign […]

Adobe Comp CC – Layout at your finger tips

Adobe Comp CC Video Tutorial

Adobe Comp is a layout app for iPad, that allows you to quickly put together design ideas, concepts, prototypes, or designs. By using gestures or available commands, you can add different shapes, images and text to the design. The application has a close integration with other Adobe tools and technologies. Such as: Access to great looking fonts, through Typekit font support. […]

CC Charts (Preview)

Adobe Illustrator Video Tutorial

CC Charts (Preview) is a technology preview of a new service Adobe is developing. It’s a great tool to use when working on infographics and charts. At this stage the CC Charts tool appears in Adobe Illustrator. Charts created with this tool are added to the Libraries panel and can thus be placed in other […]