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How to create a tint for a colour in Adobe Illustrat...

Adobe Illustrator Video Tutorial

How can I make a tint for a colour in Adobe Illustrator? It’s a question I’m asked regularly by Illustrator users. There are two issues with the default settings when defining new colour swatches in Illustrator: When you apply the default colour swatches in Illustrator to your artwork, the swatch colour is not associated with the […]

Changing installer language for Creative Cloud appli...

Adobe Creative Cloud Tutorial

As I visit Australian sites that have upgraded to the Creative Cloud, I notice that many of them have the English (North American) version of the applications installed. This comes with a number of default preferences in Adobe applications that might not be desired: Units of measurements might be set in inches or picas instead of metric […]

Creating a pop-up window in a PDF with Adobe InDesig...

InDesign Video Tutorial

In the following YouTube tutorial, we’ll create an interactive PDF from Adobe InDesign, in which we click on a button, which in turn opens up a simple pop-up window containing a close-box. When the close-box is clicked the pop-up window disappears again.