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Changing installer language for Creative Cloud applications

As I visit Australian sites that have upgraded to the Creative Cloud, I notice that many of them have the English (North American) version of the applications installed. This comes with a number of default preferences in Adobe applications that might not be desired:

  • Units of measurements might be set in inches or picas instead of metric measurements, such as millimetres;
  • When running a spelling check on text, words with American spelling are not flagged, as the dictionary used for spell checking, auto correct or dynamic spelling is not set to UK English, but defaults to English (USA);
  • For applications such as InDesign that contain page size presets, the page sizes aren’t set to metric sizes such as A4, but instead to US sizes, such as US Letter.

Keep in mind that changing the installer language AFTER you’ve installed the English (North American) version , will result in a second application install on your system. To avoid this problem first uninstall the previously installed version.

In this YouTube tutorial, we’ll look at changing the installer language for Adobe Creative Cloud applications you’re installing on your system.

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