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Fontographer… It’s back

I received an interesting email from FontLab today… announcing the return of Fontographer. A new version (5) of Fontographer has just been released for Mac and PC. So Fontographer has come back to life after more than a decade of being in hybernation.

Dutch Type

Jan Middendorp writes that his “interest in Letterforms and text faces by Dutch designers such as Hollander, Caecilia, Quadraat, Theses”, were the main triggers for writing his 2004 book “Dutch Type“. As someone who used to carry a Dutch passport prior to swapping it for an Australian one over a decade ago, this book triggers more […]

Glossary of Typographic Terms

From ‘Accent Mark’ to ‘X-height’. provides a very cool list of typographic terms. I have to admit there are plenty of terms on the list I’ve never heard of before…  Did you know that an en-dash is sometimes called a Nut?  Well I most certainly did not 🙂 Web-reference: Terminology (2007, Typophile)