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Using Scripts in InDesign, CornerEffects

Using Scripts in InDesign, CornerEffects

The following tip will take you through Script installation, running scripts, assigning a keyboard shortcut to a script and reviews the sample script “CornerEffects.jsx”.

Adobe Sample Scripts overview PDF for download

Back in October 2005, I submitted an article for InDesign Magazine providing an overview of the TextCleanup Script that ships as part of the Adobe Sample Script files with InDesign CS2 and the Creative Suite bundle that was published in the Oct/Nov’05 edition of the magazine. I’ve always included a section on Scripts in the […]

MakePlural script

I encountered an interesting challenge when working on an InDesign job recently. Over 265 listings containing details under specific subheadings, some of which needed to be altered to plural words where the listings under the subheading were delimited either by "and" or ",". This is how the following script was born, with additional help of […]