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New InDesign Extension – Find/Change Attribute...

Adobe InDesign Scripts & Plug-ins

The Find/Change Attributes extension allows you to load formatting attributes from selected text into InDesign’s Find/Change dialog box. That’s a handy feature to have for a range of production scenarios, but for me in particular it’s something I use a lot when cleaning up supplied InDesign files prior to EPUB conversion.

Multi-Find/Change for Adobe InDesign and InCopy rele...

Adobe InDesign Scripts & Plug-ins

The new Multi-Find/Change Plug-in developed by Martinho da Gloria of Automation is simply amazing… It simplifies the Find/Change process in InDesign by allowing us to build Find/Change sets that include many Find/Change Queries, including those saved within InDesign… and run a series of Find/Change commands grouped within a set with a single mouse-click. The plug-in […]

Selection to PDF – New InDesign Add-on

Adobe InDesign Scripts & Plug-ins

Modified 15-June-2008 – added Using the Script section Ever wanted to be able to select some artwork in your InDesign document and turn it into an instant PDF? Maybe an ad you’ve created on the page in InDesign that also needs to be used in another publication or submitted to a publisher in PDF format? […]