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Multi-Find/Change for Adobe InDesign and InCopy released

The new Multi-Find/Change Plug-in developed by Martinho da Gloria of Automation is simply amazing… It simplifies the Find/Change process in InDesign by allowing us to build Find/Change sets that include many Find/Change Queries, including those saved within InDesign… and run a series of Find/Change commands grouped within a set with a single mouse-click. The plug-in is user friendly and has an easy to understand click and drag interface that even allows us to undo all changes in one quick step if we’re not happy with the result and share our query sets with others.

This makes a huge difference from how we might have processed documents in the past…

Imagine this: You’re working on a longer document, let’s say an annual report. You’ve received the text in Word document format, and import this into InDesign to commence the layout process. It’s something we’ve probably all done… and following the import… we might have heard some loud comments going around the office.. “oooh my… I’ve got some cleaning up to do… “. Removing double spaces, removing double carriage returns, changing double tabs to single tabs, running through a document and ensuring certain words are spelled correctly…

InDesign’s Find/Change command would have been of some help. Others might have used the Find’Change By List Script to run through a series of Find/Changes in a ‘single’ hit. This script itself does require some knowledge on formatting the accompanying text file correctly that is used to process the multiple commands…

The Multi-Find change script is well worth the price and has been released today.

Watch the following YouTube video to have a bit more of an idea of how this plug-in works and then jump across to the Automatication web-site to get your copy of the plug-in.

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  1. September 7, 2010    

    Adobe has done an amazing job with the creative suite apps and in particular with InDesign. But Adobe is not just the creative suite, there’s Acrobat & Flash. The feeling that I have (sometimes) is much of Adobe energy has been diverted to Flash…so I’m just hoping that Adobe keeps investing in the creative suite. Adobe is just lucky to have @cari and many others who are amazing and loyal people who keep promoting Adobe products everyday. Go Adobe (CS)!

  2. September 7, 2010    


    Bonjour Service is Apple Inc. product. And as Cari said, Adobe has done amazing job with InDesign in just few years! Great job Adobe! Keep going forward! 🙂

  3. Cari Jansen Cari Jansen
    September 7, 2010    


    In all honesty I think Adobe has done an amazing job with the development of InDesign. If you take a look at InDesign CS5 alone, this adds over 35 new and improved features to the application. Adobe does listen to its customers and continues to build applications that help creatives around the world do their job faster, better and with more ease.

  4. Totor Totor
    August 27, 2010    

    Amazing indeed ! So what the follks at Adobe are doing besides manufacturing spyware like Bonjour Service ? Could they not develop this utility for the ******* price of Indesign ???

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