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Figures in InDesign CS5.5 and Accessibility

Adobe InDesign Tutorial

After reading David’s blog-post on InDesign Secrets, titled “Building an Org Chart or Flowchart in InDesign“.  I thought… “How does building illustrations in InDesign impact the development of Accessible PDF with InDesign CS5.5?” InDesign CS5.5 introduced significant new features for EPUB/HTML and PDF export. Building Accessible PDFs is now much, MUCH easier… It’s not yet […]

PDF or Native Files? On the soapbox…

Ok, after the previous post I could not resist the following ‘soapbox’ speech 🙂 I believe that any organisation accepting digital artwork into its print production workflow (be it offset printing, label printing, screen printing, large format, sign writing etc.), would benefit from being able to handle artwork based on delivery of PDF files.. However, […]

PDF/X-4 and PDF/X-5 ISO standards

PDF/X-4, is a follow-on for the PDF/X-1a and 3 formats, that provides support for a colour managed workflow as well as live transparency. PDF/X-5 follows on from PDF/X-4 and has support for externally supplied fonts, ICC profiles and XObjects. (2006, IS&T). ISO/DIS 15930-7: Graphic technology — Prepress digital data exchange using PDF — Part 7: […]