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Lots of chicklets added to my tips page. You can now subscribe to the RSS-feeds using either Feedburner, My Yahoo, Newsgator, Google Reader, Bloglines, ODEO, Podnova and as always iTunes for the podcast.

Ok, I’ve been clicking on chicklets, those tiny orange and other coloured buttons you spot on just about every web-site now-a-days for quite some time as way of subscribing to other people’s RSS feeds or podcasts. In addition I actually had inserted a few chicklets on my own digitips page previously. However, I must confess that before yesterday I had not heard of the term… It could just as well have read "clicklet", which in itself is a nice word 🙂 FeedBurner gives you the ability to automatically generate tons of chicklets that can be placed on your web-site.

So if you want to subscribe to my DigiTips you now have a number of new subscription options available.

Web Reference: FeedBurner (2006, FeedBurner, Inc.)

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