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Adobe’s today launched Ideas. A portal through which you can submit ideas, vote on ideas and comment on other’s ideas. If you not yet used it is well worth a try. You can work collaboratively using For instance use it to set-up shared PDF reviews with your client through Adobe’s ConnectNow, or use Buzzword, Adobe’s online word processor or share your files and even create PDFs.

Web-reference: Ideas.

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  1. February 4, 2011    


    You can commence a collaborative commenting & review process from Adobe Acrobat itself, and utilise for this. Basically the PDF is uploaded to and reviewers will receive an email. They can download the PDF to their computer and upload their comments and download other people’s comments. The purpose of the review process is that multiple people can see each others comments and comment/respond simultaneously.

    If you want to edit PDFs you’d need Adobe Acrobat, but really it’s not designed for full-scale PDF editing, more for minor changes. Generally corrections are made in the source document from which the PDF was generated, and then a new version of the PDF is uploaded for final review/approval.



  2. January 31, 2011    

    Hi, seems to be out for some time now and I’m currently trying to find out, what it can do in terms of collaboration on PDFs.
    Unfortunalety, the Adobe forums are fully useless, no reply on concrete questions and even the Pre-Sales support does not care about questions. Very bad!!!
    Maybe I find some answers here:
    1.) Having imported a document to, how about flexibly moving the elements (text and images) – on pixel level?
    2.) Stickies: Can a sticky be freely located to a certain x,y position and will the element it refers to highlighted?

  3. Cari Jansen Cari Jansen
    March 29, 2009    

    to follow up on Lisa’s comment:

    If you have a feature request for any Adobe Application, put it in writing and submit your idea.

  4. March 25, 2009    

    Thanks for getting the word out. We’re anxious to hear what users want for upcoming versions of all the products and also what new products they’d use.


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