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Adobe Licensing Programs

Having just received a good insight on Adobe Licensing Programs I thought I’d share some details and links on some of the licensing programs. Licensing has quite a few benefits over purchasing of box products… some of which are:

  • Licensing programs are points based, providing you with the ability to purchase software at lower costs depending on type/number of purchases made.
  • Licensing adminstration is much more streamlined, and you’ll have access to the online Adobe License Manager (ALM).
  • The ability to purchase with a 24months Upgrade plan allowing you to receive upgrades at no extra charge during a period of 24 months (with slight variations for Transactional Licensing Program and Contractual Licensing Program in functionality), which will enable you to remain up-to-date with all your Adobe Software.

If you’re thinking "yeah right…, but I am a small business and have only three licenses, this is not for me…. then think again… Have a serious look at Adobe’s Transactional Licensing Program (TLP), the points based system starts at a single point, which means the program is accessible to anyone. If you’re a larger business, government, education etc., review both the Transaction Licensing Program and the Contractual Licensing Program (CLP).

If you’re thinking… "yeah right…, but I’m not based in the U.S.of A… that’s not for me…" then think again… So how do you get your TLP or CLP or Upgrade plans up and running? Contact your an Adobe Licensing Centre and they will help you out.

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