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New Adobe Acrobat Family announced today

Exciting news today… the announcement of the new Adobe Acrobat Family by Adobe 🙂

Acrobat 8 Professional… will form part of Adobe Creative Suite 2.3 which will ship with inclusion of Dreamweaver 8. Creative Suite 2.3 Premium will ship with GoLive as well.

New in Acrobat 8 Professional:

  • Combining multiple PDF files into a Package that can retain individual PDF related settings, such as security settings.
  • Combining mutliple PDF files with option to select which pages to insert in the Binder
  • Auto-create forms, through the ability to auto-recognise form elements in a static PDF
  • Ability to save PDF forms from Adobe Reader, when this ‘dormant’ feature is enable from Acrobat 8 Professional.
  • Redaction of PDFs… no more unsecure blocking out of sensitive content… you can now properly redact PDFs
  • Improved email archiving for MS Outlook, support for Lotus Notes

And more new products… there is Acrobat Connect… and Acrobat Connect Professional (formerly Macromedia Breeze Meeting).

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