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CMYK, RGB, HSB, LAB, Pantone…

Thank you very much to those of you who attended this afternoon’s “colour alphabet soup”  Adobe Seminar 🙂 Please find below the links to the web-references I provided on the start slides as well as some additional book references and a link to the Adobe Swatch Exchange file that contains lots of “clean” CMYK colours.  […]

Mutliple Strokes – Appearances

Mutliple Strokes – Appearances

Digitip 049 – Adobe Illustrator CS2 In today’s eSeminar “Discover Illustrator CS2”, I ran through the usage of the appearance palette as a powertool in Illustrator CS2. As promised I would post at least one eTutorial at the end of the seminar based on the End Poll question “which feature covered today would you like […]