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Do all bads things come in threes?

Ok, so my site was down for almost 3 days, so was my email… all as a result of my domain host doing a Server Upgrade…  Apparently they started the rollover in September/October, and as a result copied files across at the time?  They forgot all about it when they did the final rollover and pointed DNS to new location, which had old files in it…  They incremented the DNS and overnight it reset itself back to Sept’07 several times? Anyway I’m happy to say the site survived the night and has not been reset. Touch wood that all will stay well 🙂

As to all bad things coming in threes….

(1) last week my brand new dark-grey colourbond fence got graffitied with white spray paint… and I spent a day registering/reporting graffiti damage in the neighbourhood and cleaning the fence.
(2) this week my site went down and I spent numerous hours sorting things out…
(3) let’s hope that our Energy supplier killing the power supply yesterday counts as bad thing number three. (never mind the fact that I was about half way through a 400Mb upload and just got through to phone support for site-issues after being on hold for 40+ minutes, when the power got cut!)

Having said all of that… the coming week should be absolutely ACE!!

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  1. Cari Jansen Cari Jansen
    February 3, 2008    

    well said… and with a digital drawing tablet they can be as creative as they like 🙂

    and… at least the ‘tags’ are more easily selected and deleted 🙂

  2. Gary Spedding Gary Spedding
    February 2, 2008    


    You need to teach those kids in your area to graffiti fences in Illustrator – not on the real thing.

    Hopefully woes are over and you can relax a wee bit now.


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