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Moving print publications to EPUB – Part 3

Adobe InDesign Tutorial

Part 3: Handling grouped illustrations This is the third in a series of articles I’m dedicating to conversion of print publications to EPUB. The first article covered handling of content order, the second looked at controlling break points in EPUBs. I was going to dedicate the third article on text-formatting, but have decided to return […]

Moving print publications to EPUB – Part 2

Adobe InDesign Tutorial

In Part 2 of my article series on Moving Print Publications to EPUB we look at managing when certain EPUB content starts on a new page when reading a publication on our EPUB Reading device.  It looks at defining content breaks in what appears to be a seemingly continuous flow of content.

Moving print publications to EPUB – Part 1

Adobe InDesign Tutorial

Although earlier versions of InDesign have had support for Digital Editions Export (EPUB), up until the most recent release of InDesign (CS5), we would have had to change the way in which our documents were laid out in order to best prepare them for EPUB output. This was primarily due to the fact that the content order of the EPUB would be based on the document’s Page Layout. InDesign CS5 enables content order creation based on Page Layout or XML Structure.