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Why watch the conventional telly when you can watch free-to-internet “Adobe TV” 🙂  Adobe has taken customer service to a new level with the launch of Adobe TV. A fantastic learning resource for anyone who loves the ‘big red A’.  There are 4 core channels to watch: Photographer, Designer, Video Professional, Developer.

I just wish I had broadband2+ and an unlimited bandwidth data transfer volume… Unfortunately living less than 20kms from Perth CBD is no guarantee… and I’m lucky I can get broadband at all  🙂 as many others in Western Australia are stuck using expensive wireless broadband, due to lack of port-availability in exchanges.

Web-Reference: Adobe TV (2008, Adobe Systems Inc)

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  1. Cari Jansen Cari Jansen
    April 20, 2008    

    Definitely is… Problem in my suburb is that this is a new estate, and no new Exchanges are being built. Instead our entire suburb seems to be connected to the telephone network via RIM. Which in a way is lucky, as it means that at least Broadband1 is available, however no Broadband2 will ever be available so I’ve been told.

    This not only means, slower speed and lower data transfer allowance. Incredibly it also means that you pay an extra $20 a month for internet access! E.g. less quality for more money 🙂

    Guess, reveals all 🙂

  2. Melissa Melissa
    April 11, 2008    

    Amazing isn’t it, my parent had to wait 2 months for broadband 2years ago and here in Kal we got ADSL2 no worries!

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