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Photoshop: Where’s my scratch disk?

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial / Tip

If you are an old time Photoshop user, you may remember that in past versions of Photoshop we had access to preferences setting that enabled us to select one or more drives as Scratch disk for Photoshop.  Photoshop uses this Scratch Disk space as Viritual Memory. Preferably the drive allocated wouldn’t be the same drive […]

Letterpress and Deconvolution Sharpening

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Spent the morning reading blogs and watching some youtube videos, and wanted to share a few great ones with you guys ‘n girls. Fall of Autumn‘s Alan Lastufka is the producer of the following video on Letterpress. Letter Press From job case, leading, quads, coppers & brasses, guide pins, chase & furniture to inking and […]

Photoshop: Quick Refine Soft-Edge Mask Tip

Photoshop: Quick Refine Soft-Edge Mask Tip

Modified: 13 September 2009 – Added “Note”. Super quick tip. A  practical example. I’ve been writing Technical Documentation the past weeks, and am processing an awful lot of screenshots. Sometimes they are kind of big and I really only want to focus on one part, but would love to see a fading edge and I […]