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Adobe spies? – Myth busted

A lot of forums and blogs over the past weeks have started rumors about calls being made to * when your Adobe software fetches up-to-date info from the Adobe web-site.  People thought the Big Red A was spying on them…

John Nack on Adobe (Adobe Blogs) spent a fair bit of time demystifying what’s going on and Adobe has just released a TechNote that explains it all. In a nutshell: Adobe does not spy on you. Myth Busted!

The calls to * are made to display up-to-date information in your application’s Welcome Screen and Bridge Home. A tracking callback made to Omniture stores only date/time of call, software and version.  No personally identifiable data is retrieved.

For those of you still worried: disabling Welcome Screen and Bridge Home will stop the calls from being made.

Webreference: TechNote kb402979 (2008, Adobe Systems Inc.)

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